Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Design Influences?

As previously discussed, the most common tale I've heard told in relation to the origins of the Equipe GT's rather unique lines revolves around Bond management's fondness for Trevor Fiore's TVR Trident prototype. Unfortunately, Bond's insistence on retaining the Equipe's Triumph Herald/Vitesse underpinnings, and Fiore's reluctance to alter his design, led to a dead end. Bond's design director, Alan Pounder, was then left to complete the design. One wonders whether Raymond Loewy's Avanti prototypes served as an influence for the bonnet design at least!

Maybe so, maybe least you don't have to squint as hard to see the link as you do with the TVR Trident!

In other news, the GT6 overdrive gearbox obtained some 18 months ago has now finished its extensive rebuild, thanks to Bob Anderson Motors in Kent town. Hopefully it won't have to wait long to be used in anger.

Behold! Better than new

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