Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Design Influences?

As previously discussed, the most common tale I've heard told in relation to the origins of the Equipe GT's rather unique lines revolves around Bond management's fondness for Trevor Fiore's TVR Trident prototype. Unfortunately, Bond's insistence on retaining the Equipe's Triumph Herald/Vitesse underpinnings, and Fiore's reluctance to alter his design, led to a dead end. Bond's design director, Alan Pounder, was then left to complete the design. One wonders whether Raymond Loewy's Avanti prototypes served as an influence for the bonnet design at least!

Maybe so, maybe least you don't have to squint as hard to see the link as you do with the TVR Trident!

In other news, the GT6 overdrive gearbox obtained some 18 months ago has now finished its extensive rebuild, thanks to Bob Anderson Motors in Kent town. Hopefully it won't have to wait long to be used in anger.

Behold! Better than new

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: Year of the Bond?


With all the bonding over the last 2 years, I was determined to finish the rear 'glassing in 2011 and get off to a fresh start in 2012. It wasn't quite to be, with the hot weather arriving in December and halting any action inside the super hot garage. However, Norm and I did get very close. The goal was to take the repaired body off the chassis over Christmas, flipping the body upside down and starting on the bottom of the car - we're about two sessions away.

Here's an update.

With the floor, rear bumper and left corner quickly in position, it was time to tackle the very ugly right corner which had been substantially damaged in the collision. The worst part was the right lower corner of the rear windscreen, which had been damaged and distorted - leaving it could result in not only an unsightly visual distortion, but also a leaky windscreen. However, the area is very complex.

Top view of the distorted area.

Distorted area removed, a small section of window flange area glued in place

The guttering was removed, a small corner scavenged from another panel to help give us a visual reference to locate all the parts. We found so much needed to be removed, an additional few panels would be required from the UK. Guy came to the rescue once again.

Chipping away at the rest of the fragmented body work, the last pieces of the jigsaw begin to fall into place.

New panels screwed in situ, edges ground back around joints for clean bonding surfaces

Replacement panel extended all the way to the wheelarch metal flange, bonded inside and out

After much bodily contortion inside and under, the right corner is 90% glassed into position and the last major hole in the car repaired. At this stage it really felt like progress was being made.

Fine weave film added to joins for smooth finish, the rear right nears completion

Done. Ugly but effective, the rear quarter awaits sanding - can't wait to get there at last!