Saturday, March 19, 2011

Deal Done...Next Move

After a few emails between Guy and myself, I'd come to the conclusion that the parts to fix the rear damage were available, so there must be a way to put it all back together. My procrastination continued after I sounded out the wrecking yard and motor reg, determining whether the car had a local history and could be re-registered after restoration. Thinking, thinking.

I'd almost forgotten the car by late 2005, when Guy dropped me a line to tell me that his brother was emigrating to Canberra for work, and the parts could be shipped with him! So, a deal was done for the parts, and the car purchased from Port Wakefield for $1000, by late the next year. Once I got it home (September 2006), I began cleaning away the average repair attempts to the rear.

Now I can see what's going on - lots of shattered fibreglass and a badly dented fuel tank. Parts on their way included a rear boot pan, rear quarter panels, rear bumper assembly (Triumph 1300) and a tail-lamp (Vauxhall PA Cresta). Getting the parts back from Canberra wasn't an issue, as I found a friend of a friend ran regular road freight through from Sydney to Adelaide, via Canberra.

We got a whole car now...10/4 little buddy!

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