Friday, March 18, 2011

Duane's Bond - From the Beginning

Hi all, I created this blog some time ago, for my own record if nothing else, but neglected to make a start on it! Welcome to the restoration blog for my 1968 Bond Equipe 2-Litre GT, where I will cover my progress from 2006 to date. I've got a lot of people to acknowledge and thank along the way.

OK, this entry will cover the start of the entire 'adventure'.

The Beginning:

Firstly, and introduction. I am Duane de Gruchy, I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I've been a car nerd for as long as I can remember, a lousy restorer (we'll get to that later), but always a keen classic car owner.

Back in 2005, my then girlfriend (now wife) belatedly passed her drivers licence, and as a 'reward', I bought her a little 1967 Holden HB Torana (for those in the UK, a Vauxhall HB Viva) to drive. Whilst the later 6-cylinder Torana's are much revered down here, the 4-cylinders are all but forgotten. As a result, you need to search far and wide for spares. This took me to Port Wakefield, some 100kms North of Adelaide. Port Wakefield's enormous motor wreckers is quite legendary for its oddities, and whilst browsing for Torana parts, I happened across this sad Bond Equipe.

OK, it doesn't look too bad from here...

...but things were not so great from behind

Besides the obvious damage to be repaired, the open rear had allowed the car to fill with water and internal trim weather away. The hot conditions had turned everything rubber to rock. It was obviously a big job (although the car was largely complete), possibly more useful as spares, so I put it in the back of my mind.

Some weeks later I contacted the Triumph Sports Owners Association in the UK, thinking the car would be better served as spares for another owner. Speaking to Bond Expert Nick Wotherspoon (writer of the fantastic book Lawrie Bond - The Man & The Marque), who forwarded me to Guy Singleton, I was told the car appeared to be (to the best of his knowledge) the only 6-cylinder Equipe in Australia - not being any use then as spares, I began to ponder. I think you know what comes next...

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PS: Also, fans of fibreglass oddities, Bolwell's and other Australian cars should check out John Low's fantastic BOLLY BLOG

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